A discussion and film made behind the scenes at Spike Island as part of #spikeislandopenstudios with artist Katy Connor and curator Nella Aarne, about their mutual interests and concerns weaving across artistic practice, care, living materials, liquidity and ecology.
The event began with a screening of a short film collaboration, exploring some of the processes, practices and ideas from Connor’s and Vickery’s ongoing projects HydroPoetics and Graveyard. The screening is followed by a discussion between the artists and curator Nella Aarne, reflecting on María Puig de la Bellacasa’s writing on care in more-than-human worlds (2017, p. 217-221).
Diatom drawing in Severn Estuary at Purton Ship's Graveyard. 
'Through the Looking Glass', screenshot, performance to camera 2021. 

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