Organ | Breathing Machine

Veronica Vickery

Those months
locked down without air
sleep arrested
to the staccato tic.tac of statistic
choked on virus hold
And now the river in spate | endless turgid brownness
lugging flood-washed debris | a cargo of deadwood and spilth
slopped out foam | of dis-care
I have heard the mermaids singing, each to each
I do not think that they will now sing to me
no viral boundaries | this skin
this tin can | leaks like a sieve.
'Balloon' suspended and inflated via ventilation ducting by a fan system driven by an old bicycle and motor. Made largely from recycled, end of life or obsolete materials.
With technical support from Chris Neal. With grateful thanks to Anne Cooke and Paul Newcomb from the University of Bristol for their assistance with sourcing redundant equipment.
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