Performance to camera (full version 8 minutes HD, 2015).

'Geologic landscape: a performance and a mobile phone'
I reflect on this performance in this book chapter (2019) in which I explore the accidental 'drowning' of my mobile phone. The text points to the geology and geopolitics of contemporary mining in West Cornwall, now reopening to exploit lithium deposits for use in the electronics industry. 
...Using a non-representational approach to practice, informed by geo-aesthetics and feminist materialisms, Vickery reflects on a performance in a stream—the site of flash-flood in Cornwall (UK). This reflection neither precludes thinking landscape in terms of the political consequences of visual representation, nor as performed, subjective process. Using the disruption of performance by the accidental demise of her mobile phone, she speculates that landscape is additionally marked by ephemeral material process and agential geologic process, human and of the Earth. As a result, she suggests there is a need for artists to attend to the political landscape via the intimacies of mundane, everyday narratives to understand material and geologic landscape encounters.

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