Group exhibition curated by Gemma Brace, Imagined Landscapes, Royal West of England Academy, Bristol (6th February - 12th June 2016).
"​ Poniou 25/5 considers the effect of coastal flooding, moving the focus to a stream in West Cornwall. The work has been revisited since it was last shown so that rather than a series of canvases snaking across the wall it is now cantilevered across a steel structure. Whereas previously the work reinforced the swollen waterway as a boundary, it now creates a transparent border with its grid like structure allowing for multiple viewpoints through and between the work. In much the same way that [Iain] Biggs’ work alludes to the conversational capacity of borders in mapping, the physical display of Poniou creates conversations between other works within the exhibition whilst still physically dividing the space."
Gemma Brace, curator - Exhibition essay for Imagined Landscapes at RWA.
All photographs courtesy of RWA Press (photos Alice Hendy 2016).
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