Life without air

Veronica Vickery

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Bottom left: A handheld form cast inside a pot made from foraged clay dug at Purton Ship's Graveyard on the Severn Estuary. The fragile form is made from eco-plastic (cornflour, glycerine, distilled water and acetic acid) held together with dog hair.
Top left: Sculptural installation with trolley stack, slumped Estaurine sprouting mud, vintage Cadburys chocolates tin, plastic wind up ducks and projection of 'A Coy Decoy' (Daffy Duck film 1941, remastered 2023). Daffy tries to seduce a plastic wind up duck and of course meets his demise. The film is very much of its time... The trolleys have been 'naturalised' by mussels and sponges from their time in the Bristol waterways.
Top right: Ceramic narrowboat series made from mud foraged from the Severn Estuary up at Purton Ship's Graveyard. Fired in a rudimentary kiln made from a barrel found in the Harbour Master's skip.
The banner at the top has projected video of wind up ducks released on the Bristol Avon.
All work on this page is ongoing, Febuary 2024.
* With grateful acknowledgement to Daisy Lafarge and their wonderful collection of poetry 'Life Without Air' (2020, Granta)
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