Water | Mud | Ecologies

Between bodies: human and non-human collisions

Through the Looking Glass
Purton Ship's Graveyard
Performance to camera, 2021
Looking for Diatoms
Brigstow Institute Ideas Exchange, University of Bristol
Microbes, Microplastics and Man
Micro-entanglements and the biological complexes of human and more-than-human collisions, 2022
Vessels: water | mud | care
Spike Open Studios (online)
With artist Katy Connor and curator Nella Aarne
Collaborative film and discussion 2021
The River Drowned
Spike Open Studios (online)
Muddy notes from in & out of studio 98
Video, 2021
The Dead Swan
First in a series of paintings being developed in 2022 (supported by WEVAA R&D bursary)
Oil on canvas, 120 x 160 cm, 2021
God's Garden BS1
Centre of Gravity, The Old Soap Factory, Bristol
Performance to camera, 2020
Tectonics 1
Pavillion, Hauser & Wirth Somerset
Screening for SW Poetry Showcase
Performance to camera, collaboration with poet Anna Mace, 2016
Tectonics 2
In The Open, Bank Street Arts & Sheffield Institute of Arts (SIA) Gallery
Artist book, collaboration with poet Anna Mace, 2017
Fractured Earth
Porthmeor Studios, Borlase Smart Trust, St Ives
PhD public presentation of practice
Performance lecture & installation 2016
Poniou 25/5
Imagined Landscapes, RWA
Commission for survey show
Installation of paintings, steel 'fence' and text, 2016
Welcome to the Ocean City
Plymouth Arts Centre, Karst & Back Lane West, Redruth
Residency at Karst, installation at BLW & presentation at PAC, 2014.
RGS Annual International Conference
Part of Water-Worlds, a 3-day programme I convened
Screening of performance to camera, 2015
Back Lane West project space, Redruth
Performance to camera, 2013
Drawing series
Until the Waves Came Over my Boots
Performance to camera, 2015
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