Time and space responding to the current crisis, working with ideas of home and the domestic — repurposed/reimagined under crisis. Locked down in Cornwall, caught mid house-move to Bristol, the last two years a long process of cottage-renovation ready for letting out in West Cornwall and setting up a studio in Bristol. 
To-ing and fro-ing, here and there.
And then full circle back back 'here', where I started.
So... taking time and space in lockdown... to revisit previous work around the politics of home/houses exploring that was, until recently, a secondary line of enquiry. This unfolding crisis has changed so much around the geographies of home; what might this project look like now given our current enforced, confined experience of home?
See BOSopoly, the various 'BOS' projects and  'House or home, beyond place-presence' in Routledge Handbook on Place, ed. Tim Edensor, Una Kothari, Ares Kaladides (2020).
This project was supported by Arts Council England.
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