Work in progress, ideas in development

'Dispatch, sample 5'

Studio exploration, microscopy & collaboration to camera (human and more-than-human), January 2021.

Water, mud, bodies...
Tracking diatoms, single celled organisms, found in a mud sample collected from the River Severn 'Ship's Graveyard' at Purton. For something so tiny, these transparent diatoms are incredible beings. Diatoms are responsible for 40% of all photosynthesis, a major source of food for other life forms, make up a significant part of the oceanic fossil record (and oil reserves) and are therefore a major contributor to the health of the Earth's ecosystem, and ultimately human survival.
Winter lockdown walking, reading, thinking, writing. 
Gathering materials towards a new phase of work.

Its crisp out there. The river stretched out beyond its banks to the delight of the gaggling geese. They gathered again last evening as the sun went down through the mist, circling low over the rivered field then around again in ritualized surveillance.
Last summer
an inanimate brown form floated down the river
a deer
dead as a dodo
caught my eye 
under the shimmering sun
And still 
now the river in spate
endless turgid brownness
lugging flood-washed debris
a cargo of deadwood and spilth
slopped out foam
of dis-care
Image (below) from 'Fragile Moments' (working title), a growing collection of images documenting moments of living/dying. I live on a boat on the often flooded out Bristol Avon. I came across the swan just along from our mooring when I was spaced out recovering from a significant head injury, June 2019.
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