A sculptural installation in a 19th century 'buddle' at Porthmeor stamps (Bosigran Farm).

This piece took the form of a fountain and planter. I laid a 500m water pipe along the stream in the ravine just to the right of the buddle, to get enough 'head' on the pipe in order to syphon water up through the fountain.

The Stamps, part of the Cornwall and Devon Mining World Heritage Site, had been recently 'consolidated', arresting the remains in cement. Constructed from steel, water pipe, bedding plants, compost & planter liner.

A 'buddle' is a Cornish mining term for this round construction in the ground (see diagram). Tin ore, suspended in water, would be brought along a channel from the side above the rotating brush arms, which would then sort the most dense material  into the bottom of the buddle, with the remaining sludge draining away.