BOS projects (2008 - 2020)

BOS ~ dwelling place. A series of projects exploring the politics of housing. "bos" is taken from the suffice found at the front of many Cornish place-names, in the Cornish language it refers to dwelling-place. I am interested in thinking about houses as places of home-making in contrast to the house-as-commodity of estate agents and value.

Poniou 25/5
Imagined Landscapes, RWA
Commission for survey show
God's Garden BS1
Centre of Gravity, The Old Soap Factory, Bristol
lockdown projects, ACE funded
The Best of Bristol Living
installation, Centre of Gravity, Old Soap Works, Bristol
Tate Exchange
Welcome to the Ocean City
Plymouth Arts Centre, Karst & Back Lane West, Redruth
BOSarts archive (coming soon)
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