#stayathome, study for larger painting, oil on water colour paper, 76 x 56cm, 2020


... is time and space, responding to the current crisis, working with ideas of home and the domestic — repurposed/reimagined under crisis. Locked down in Cornwall, caught mid house-move to Bristol. The last two years have been a long process of cottage-renovation ready for letting out in West Cornwall and setting up a studio in Bristol. To-ing and fro-ing, here and there. And now full circle back back 'here', where I started.

So... taking time and space in lockdown... to revisit previous work exploring what was until recently a secondary line of enquiry, around the politics of home/houses. This unfolding crisis has changed so much around the geographies of home. What might this project look like now given our current enforced, confined experience of home?

See BOSopoly, the various 'bos' projects and a book chapter due to be published later this month ’House or home, beyond place-presence’, in Routledge Handbook on Place, ed Tim Edensor, Una Kothari, Ares Kaladides (2020).

May, 2020. Exploratory, work-in-progress... Beginnings...

This project is supported by Arts Council England.