New project, 2021

Starting points

I now live on the river (the Avon between Bristol and Bath, UK).

A few months ago it was swelteringly hot the mirror-like river seemed to barely move. Now it's a sulky mud-soup torrent.

No more  does the hoot of owls or laughter of city-cofid-escapees frolicking on the bank fill the night echoes, but the thump-thump clatter of storm-ridden lumber snaring against the hard steel hull crashes us out of sleep.

So this new (as yet unnamed) project is thinking about the river system as it flows through/around/under Bristol, the tensions and fissures found at interstitial water/land sites at which the human/more-than-human rubs up often precariously and antagonistically close.

What follows is partial, temporary, a scrapbook of sites/events/misc. material/materiality; a series of speculative starting points, no more.