This Weekend?

So what are you doing 'This Weekend?'

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BOSarts commissioned six site-specific artist projects to take place across Cornwall during the summer of 2009. The back drop to this project was the spaces in between the lived experience of landscapes and the protected cultural heritage landscape of tourism.


The commissions were all designed to be transient, lasting no more than one weekend in their public interface. Each project had a residency period of a month for research and development leading up to 'This Weekend?'.


To increase access and participation, BOSarts commissioned a purpose build unusually dynamic website based on open source technology that allowed anyone to click anywhere on each project page and upload images, comments... It made a unique contribution to this project. Unfortunately because web technology has moved on, this is no longer available. The web designer, Jem Mackay has written it up and reflected on it in his PhD thesis (UAL, 2015). The write up can be accessed here (see pages 147 -161).


Commissioned artists/artist groups:


Janet McEwan, Godrevy Lighthouse

Continental Breakfast, Priests Cove, Cape Cornwall

Jennie Savage, coast path at Zennor Head

Anne-Marie Culhane, Rough Tor, Bodmin

Wanderer (Kim Pilgrim & Jane Atkinson), St Agnes Beacon

Gemma Kempthorne, Boscastle


Curatorial support: Ruth Gooding

Webdesign: Jem Mackay, SWARM TV

Joanna Thomas was commissioned to write up two of the projects, published by