This Weekend?

Anne Marie Culhane 'Field Sensing'

Rough Tor, Bodmin Moor

29-30th August, 2009


Field Sensing is a series of guided walks responding to particular locations. This includes a commission from Bosarts in August 2009 to create a participatory field sensing event on both days as part of the project This Weekend....? which took place on Rough Tor, Bodmin Moor in collaboration with Peter Herring (archaelogist - English Heritage) and Jo Salter (photography).The walk took place largely without words and involved inviting participants to slow down their movements in a number of chosen locations on the site in order to heighten their experience of the locality, time and their own bodies. This was followed by breakfast or tea at the nearest house to the Tor with shared conversation and reflection.

Field Sensing is a phrase coined by writer, Gary Snyder