Artist and cultural geographer


I explore the idea that landscape is often unsettled, at odds from landscape seen through the lens of the picture-postcard or sublime: geological violence against human frailty, extinctions, borders and boundaries...


Additionally, I work with the dissonance between domesticity and consumption: from houses as 'home' or as commodity; to landscape-as-lived and the packaged cultural-heritage landscapes of tourism.


These interests are worked through an 'expanded' practice that incorporates performance, painting, installation, digital mediation, microscopy, and curation. It is research-intensive, and usually immersed in exploration of a particular site or context.


My practice is research-led and operates across disciplinary boundaries, in particular those using art to explore geographical concerns around the geologic, landscape, body and power geometries.


I currently split my time between Penzance and Bristol, but will be moving to Bristol in early Summer 2018.


CV for download is available here.